Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TNM calls for Straus, Perry to resign for lying

The Texas Nationalist Movement is calling on two of Texas' top elected officials to resign for lying to the public and failing to discharge the duties of their office over the legislative shelving of a bill to criminalize intrusive groping by out-of-control federal agents.

The TNM is calling for the resignation of Speaker of the House Joe Straus and Governor Rick Perry for lying to the public and for their roles in ensuring the "TSA Groping Bill" will not pass.

"Joe Straus and Rick Perry have told Texans that they're not willing to take the stand Texans have overwhelmingly told them they want to be taken," TNM president Daniel Miller said. "And worse than being cowards, they lied about it. They are unfit to hold public office."

Straus on Friday effectively killed the legislation by State Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) which would criminalize intrusive pat-downs at airports by Transportation Security Agency agents after numerous complaints were filed that what is supposed to be done for security reasons has instead turned into a free-for-all groping of not only adults, but also small children.

Straus lied when he told reporters the House didn't have a quorum to take up debate on the bill, then later said that he personally would never let the bill come up for a vote as it is written during this special session. The bill unanimously passed the House during the Legislature's regular session but was held up by Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst in the Senate after after the Department of Justice unconstitutionally threatened to shut down Texas airports if the legislation passed.


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Imagine that. Rick Perry supports federal tyranny over state independence. It's time to have a true Texan in the governor's office who supports the independent ideals of the residents of this state. The federal government has overstepped it's authority, being in conflict with our Constitution and creating invalid legislation on a regular basis.

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