Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Over | The Rick Perry Report

Rick Perry is telling supporters that he will drop his bid Thursday for the Republican presidential nomination, two sources familiar with his plans told CNN.

The Texas governor will make the announcement before the CNN debate in South Carolina, the sources said.

The move comes two days before the South Carolina primary and hours before the final debate ahead of the voting, which will take place on CNN Thursday night.

The campaigns of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum reached out to the Perry campaign Thursday morning in an "aggressive effort" to get his endorsement, according to a source close to Perry.

Perry will indicate his support for Newt Gingrich [!?] but will not explicitly endorse him, a source with knowledge of Perry's decision told CNN.

Perry placed fifth in Iowa and last in New Hampshire - a state in which he did not actively compete - and had said he would launch a bid to win in South Carolina.

On Wednesday, CNN asked Perry about a poll that showed him with only 6% support among likely voters in the South Carolina primary.

When Perry entered the race in August, he immediately did well in the polls. But a series of gaffes, particularly at debates against his rivals, sent his support plummeting.

Perry's official campaign Facebook page was filled with posts, largely from disappointed voters.

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Bye-bye, governor Goodhair. Maybe Texas will learn from your failure and oppose your next re-election campaign there as well...

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