Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mandatory Voting: A Bad Idea

President Obama believes that forcing people to vote is a good idea. But is voting still a right if one has no choice to abstain? Sheldon Richman breaks it down at

"If voting is a right, it can't be a duty, and if it's a duty, it can't a right. Perhaps it's neither."


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Self-destructive Campaign

Hillary Clinton continues to make bad decisions, whether through policy as head of the State Department, or in preparing for a calamitous big for the presidency.

"For a would-be presidential candidate with her deep experience in Washington, that's a lot of unforced errors. The foundation shouldn't have accepted donations from foreign countries so that no one could ever accuse Clinton of being influenced by that money. She should have stopped giving paid speeches a long time ago. And she should have used a government email address at the State Department. These should all be easy decisions to make, and yet Clinton got them all wrong. (And, in the case of the paid speeches, continues to get wrong.)"