Saturday, December 31, 2011

Penn Jillette Presents: ‘An Atheist’s Guide to the 2012 Election’

Magician and comedian Penn Jillette sounded off on the 2012 election earlier this month in a video from website Big Think. A noted atheist, he laid his thoughts out in the aptly-titled, "An Atheist's Guide to the 2012 Election."

A few tidbits from Big Think:

• On Barack Obama: You have two choices with Obama. You either believe that he is a man of Christ…or you think he's a liar. And I'm surprised by the number of atheist free thinkers that support Obama and their argument is essentially, he's lying about being religious 'cause you have to do that to be elected. I'm not happy with either one of those….It's a horrible reason to like somebody. I like him because he might be a liar. Horrible.

• On Michele Bachmann: I have tried with friends to say the most blasphemous sentence I can possibly say and it does not come close to the blasphemy of Michelle Bachman saying that earthquakes and hurricanes were the way God was trying to get the attention of politicians.

• On Mitt Romney: Under his pants, he is wearing magic underwear. Magic underwear.  And he believes that a convicted con man got golden tablets that no one else could see, and sat with an angel to find out that the original Jews of the Bible were living in North America. Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Was the Iraq War Worth it?

The Council on Foreign Relations recently asked the above question of some of its favorite commentators. One of the answers sent to this seat of the Eastern Liberal Establishment likely surprised whoever received it.


I'm hard pressed to find anyone in the general populace (politicians aside) who believes American military actions in any foreign, sovereign nation are justified these days...

Ron Paul is the most conservative presidential candidate

Dick Morris doesn't understand the difference between being a Republican and being a conservative.

I see conservative as being closer to what Libertarians promote, ather than what the GOP and lamestream media call it. Being of the Republican party does not make one conservative, nor does it speak to the politician's support for individual liberty. Aside from the garbage in the media, I have a hard time telling the difference in policy between the Democrats and Republicans these days.

Two sides of the same coin...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

ABC’s Karl Jeers ‘Disturbing’ Gingrich Campaign Video

While reporting on candidate Newt Gingrich "taking a pummeling" from "brutal" attack ads, ABC's Jonathan Karl noted Gingrich's positive response – a "bizarre" Gingrich campaign Christmas video that Karl laughed off as "disturbing." Karl's report aired during the 7 a.m. hour of Good Morning America.

"Uh, it's a little disturbing, let me tell you," Karl scoffed at the festive video. A clip showed campaign workers decked in Santa hats singing a campaign-themed Christmas carol. [Video coming shortly.]

Karl's report had highlighted accusations and negative ads from the various Republican candidates – par for the course in any election, but which the ABC News correspondent labeled "personal" and "brutal."

"And let me tell you, it is getting personal out there. The once high-flying Gingrich campaign is trying to regain momentum. He's promising still to run a positive campaign, but check out at how he is lashing out at his opponents," Karl began his report.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ron Paul Says Watch The Vote - Iowa Caucus 2012

Ron Paul Says Watch The Vote Iowa Caucus 2012

Do not let anyone, and I mean ANYONE from the Governor of Iowa to any campaign staff member or anyone in the media try to tell you not to watch the vote. We need 1,784 volunteers now (one activist per precinct) to ensure a Ron Paul victory in Iowa on January 3rd, or he will be robbed!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Ron's Supporters Love It

When he talks about revolutionary change. ABC is astonished.

DUBUQUE, Iowa: At Ron Paul's events the crowds are devoted. Many of them wear stickers and T-shirts bearing their candidates' name, and supporters  hang on his every word. Today's event here, in front of a crowd of 300, was no different.

After his speech, the Texas congressman took questions. The first was from a woman who immediately expressed her adoration. "I am actually a Democrat and I am in love with you," Michelle Godez-Schilling told Paul to cheers from the crowd.

The candidate put his hands on his face as if he was embarrassed before Godez-Schilling continued. "I would like to see you get as many votes as possible, and I feel like my friends who are Democrat, left-leaning, green party, they are not hearing you, so I guess I'm asking, How can I help get the word out?" she asked.

Paul told her she would be "a very good ambassador" for him. "A lot of it is word of mouth, and I do get a lot of support from Democrats and independents," Paul said. "Sometimes people say, 'Oh, he's going to talk to Democrats!' Well, that's what you are supposed to do! Build the party, build the ideas. I truly believe what I'm talking about brings people I together. I believe the issues of liberty bring people together."

The candidate also praised his organization, saying they don't just call Republicans, but are making a pitch to independents as well. His Iowa co-chairman then told the crowd that independents and Democrats can register the day of the caucuses, making it very simple to cross over to caucus.

His supporters hold signs and talk of the concept of revolution, but at the Grand River Center, Paul also mentioned the "revolutionary change in this country" when criticizing the National Defense Authorization Act,  legislation that places the handling of terrorism suspects in the hands of the military and limits the president's options for prosecuting or releasing the suspects. "Revolutionary in the sense of a change in ideas, not, I'm trying to prevent the violence," Paul said to cheers.

"Because if we continue to do this, there's going to be a lot of difficulties on the street. And then if you have the laws change where people can get picked up and say, Well, you're causing trouble and it looks like you're disturbing the peace and you might belong to al Qaeda and you're a terrorist and then they haul you off. So this is what we have to prevent."

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The 'Racist' Ron Paul—I Guess Non-Whites Didn't Get the Memo

As the Banksters/War Profiteers-controlled media continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel in order to disparage the only person running for president in either party who wants to end the U.S. military empire around the world instead of expanding it by trying to paint him as a closet racist, it appears that the actual people who he is supposedly a "racist" towards are of a different opinion. He—Ron Paul—scores the highest among non-whites in a match-up against 50%-white/50%-black/100%-Banksters-controlled Barack Obama according to this CNN poll.

Lamestream media strikes again, yet fails miserably to undermine support for someone who is opposed to more of the same. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mitt Romney Loses His Cool In 2007 Interview

Mitt Romney may appear cool, calm and collected, but even the suave GOP hopeful has his messy moments. Case and point: a 2007 interview at an Iowa radio station.

Romney got into a heated exchange with conservative host Jan Mickelson at WHO 1040 during the 2008 presidential race. The two were discussing Romney's views when the host accused Romney of letting his religion dictate his political beliefs.

"I'm not going to have a conversation about what my church views are...because thats not the nature of the office I'm running for, and there are people in my church who are pro-choice, that is not against my church's view to allow people to have their own position on political issues," he said.

More on Mitt Romney
What a Mormon...

GOP Can't Stand Ron Paul Beating Them at their Own Game

"Ron Paul's surge to the top of the polls in Iowa, and increasing likelihood that he will win is causing angst among many of you "Establishment Republicans"."

Hey, Republican Establishment
What good soldiers and the mainstream know about Ron Paul that you don't. Article by John Keller.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ron Paul: Consistently Pro-life and Pro-liberty

Despite the best efforts of the establishment media, Ron Paul's campaign for President is gaining momentum nationwide as his "unorthodox" views are becoming more widely disseminated and understood by an American public slavering for salvation from the economic and moral abyss toward which the country is slouching.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Obama Asks Iran for Drone Back, Iranians Vow to Answer After They Stop Rolling on Floor, Laughing

Remember when President Obama said he didn't go after the top secret spy drone that was lost in Iran because he didn't want to raise the hackles on the Mad Mullahs?

Ok, granted, he didn't put it that way, but that's essentially what he said.

Well, he very diplomatically asked for the drone back. Knowing him and his desire to repair all the damage George Bush did to our relationships with Islamic countries, he probably even said "pretty please."

Here's what all his Muslim outreach has earned us:

In an interview broadcast live Monday night on Venezuelan state television, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said nothing to suggest his country would grant the U.S. request.

"The Americans have perhaps decided to give us this spy plane," Ahmadinejad said. "We now have control of this plane."

Speaking through an interpreter, Ahmadinejad said: "There are people here who have been able to control this spy plane, who can surely analyze this plane's system also. … In any case, now we have this spy plane."

He added, "Very soon, they're going to learn more about the abilities and possibilities of our country."

On Tuesday, a semi-official Iranian news agency said authorities have shrugged off the U.S. request. Defense Minister Gen. Ahmad Vahidi said the United States should apologize for invading Iranian air space instead of asking for the return of the unmanned aircraft.

Perfect. Instead of returning the drone, we get mocked, veiled threats and demands we apologize.

Perhaps it would have gone differently if he had NASA handle the negotiations, since they are the lynchpin in his Muslim Outreach Program.

"Hi, this is NASA. We were just siting around thinking about the Muslim contribution to mathematics and astronomy and how cool it is. Can we have the drone back."

"You bet!"

Instead, we get the Islamic radical version of this guy.

This could have all be avoided if we had a president with a backbone. Now, we once again look weak as we are mocked on the global stage by a gang of third rate thugs. Only this time there will be lasting consequences when they share their find with Russia and China.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  

Pro-Adultery Website Endorses Gingrich

A website that promotes adultery has endorsed Newt Gingrich for president, and even erected a giant billboard in Pennsylvania to announce it. Next to a picture of Gingrich making a “shh” gesture, the billboard reads: “Faithful Republican, Unfaithful Husband.”, a dating website for people looking to cheat on their spouses, welcomes visitors with the tag line, “Life is short, Have an affair.” Gingrich has admitted to cheating on his wives, and Noel Biderman, the founder of the cheaters website explained, “Now that Newt is the leading contender in the race for the GOP nomination, we felt compelled to make a point to illustrate how times have changed when a serial divorcee/adulterer is capturing the hearts of the American people.” The billboard:

Capturing the hearts of the American people? Not likely...

Pro-Adultery Website Endorses Gingrich | ThinkProgress

Gingrich Was for Individual Mandate Before He Was Against It

Responding to criticism of his "nay" vote on a supplemental appropriations bill for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Sen. John Kerry said in 2004, "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it" — a statement that came to define the Massachusetts Democrat, then running for President, as a flip-flopper with no convictions.


Another candidate proving he is incapable of representing the population. I often wonder is self-governance would really be a better solution, removing the ability for widespread corruption at the expense of the many for the benefit of the few...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Herman Cain “Reassessing” Campaign After Latest Allegation

Not wanting to selfish, we need to remember that there are numerous other candidates for public office who deserve as much of a chance as Rick Perry to prove they are unfit to represent the population. Herman Cain is dangerous due to his past as a Federal Reserve chairman, not much more. I could care less about his indiscressions in his private life. 

Herman Cain is probably going to be leaving the campaign trail soon.

He is telling his people he is "reassessing" his campaign because of these allegations, which he categorically denies:

"Obviously, you're all aware of this recent firestorm that hit the news yesterday," Cain began, his voice somber. "First thing I want to do is say to you what I have said publicly: I deny those charges, unequivocally. Secondly, I have known this lady for a number of years. And thirdly, I have been attempting to help her financially because she was out of work and destitute, desperate. So, thinking that she was a friend — and I have helped many friends — I now know that she wasn't the friend that I thought she was. But it was a just a friendship relationship."

"That being said, obviously, this is cause for reassessment," he continued. "As you know, during the summer we had to make some reassessments based upon our financial situation. We were able to hang in there; we reassessed the situation and kept on going. We also did a reassessment after the Iowa straw poll and we made another reassessment after the Florida straw poll. When the previous two accusations, false accusations, came about, we made another assessment. The way we handled those was, we continued on with our schedule. We made an assessment about what was going to happen to our support. But our supporters, and even some folks that we didn't have as supporters, they stood with us, and they showed it not only in terms of their verbal support, they showed it in terms of their dollars."

"Now, with this latest one, we have to do an assessment as to whether or not this is going to create too much of a cloud, in some people's minds, as to whether or not they would be able to support us going forth," Cain said.

I'd put money down right now that he's dropping out soon.

I remember listening to Neal Boortz one morning while I was working and he had Herman on. It was before the campaign even started. Boortz matter of factly asked him, "You really want to do this?"

Herman said, "Yes. Yes I do."

I wonder if he truly understood what was about to broadside him. I can't imagine he knew how bad the campaign would get, or what was really required of him.

Some have dismissed this campaign as a book tour that grew legs. If so, it is the most self destructive book tour in the history of literature.

In the end, the Cain Train was derailed not but the sexual allegations made by women in Cain's past, but his inability to form lucid foreign policy positions based on a basic understanding of the issues. He refused to recognize his weaknesses, both personally and in his campaign, and make the necessary changes.

If these women had no come forward, I still think the Cain Train would have broken down. The sad part is, it didn't have to. He could have easily salvaged the campaign with a little effort put into learning the basics.

He didn't.