Sunday, August 24, 2014

Laying out a Picnic for Vultures

In Greg Palast's expose on state-corporatist system of the contemporary US, Vulture's Picnic, he focuses near the source of so many social, economic, and political problems:

Regulation, the rules they tell you to hate, are the way we apply democracy to the economy. Votes versus dollars. I think you can understand that.

  Yes, I know, the government is deeply fucked up. That’s the U.S. government, the UK government, and let’s not even talk about the Chinese, Malaysian, and Tanzanian governments. People have been belly-aching about rules and regulations ever since Moses schlepped the first ten down from Mount Sinai.

  But the Big Problem with government is that we don’t have enough of it; the rules aren’t tough enough to stop BP from blowing Cajuns to Kingdom Come. Or the rules are corrupted, made by politicians who are greased to make Steve Cohen’s monkey jump.

  If you’re screaming for the “guvmint to git off” your back, I see your point. But you’re still a loser, a cheap mark, a decoy duck, a dim, unwitting stooge for forces even more powerful than that ugly guvmint, a toy for powers who are shitting on you while telling you it’s raining chocolate.

While he does a service by doing the hard work, the research and investigation that uncovers so much of the corruption in government today, he does focus a bit much on the corporate problems, which are a result and creation of an oppressive regime. Political school has little to do with it, and believing that more government can resolve the problems created by too much government is hardly a rational solution.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Michael Brown's Grandfather to Obama: 'I Voted for You,' So Come Meet Me

President Obama has become notorious among his Missouri supporters for not visiting the embattled city, and the grandfather of the teen shot by police there a week ago is perturbed over the President's distance. This week he went on TV to remind Obama he voted for him and urge the President to make his way to Ferguson to stand with his family.
Perhaps Obama has learned his lesson from jumping to conclusions in racially-charged cases, such as the Martin-Zimmerman tragedy, and is instead waiting for all of the facts to come in before taking any position or wasting any political capital on something that might come back to haunt him later.