Sunday, November 18, 2012

No State: Israel and Palestine

There is a sick irony in that the Israeli government has become an aggressor against another culture after the historical persecution against the Jewish people (though not all Israeli and Palestinian people are violently opposed to each other). Somehow, I don't see sympathy for Israel during this campaign of violence toward another culture:

Israel's interior minister has publicly vowed to "send Gaza back to the Middle Ages" as the aerial and naval bombardment of the besieged enclave, as well as the Palestinian rocket barrage against Israel, continued into Sunday.

There was no calm in Gaza as 'Operation Pillar of Defense,' Israel's air and sea bombardment of the densely populated enclave, entered its fifth straight day on Sunday. Israel has carried out 950 air strikes targeting Palestinian militants who have launched more than 500 rockets into Israel during the course of hostilities.

Reuters reports that the Palestinian death toll stood at 47 going into Sunday morning. Around half of those deaths were civilians, including 12 children. Gaza health officials said that 385 Palestinians have been wounded.

And end to the governments of Israel and Palestine would put and end to the violence. These acts of war are not by the people themselves, but the warmongers that have come to power. There is no explicit consent by either culture to the aggressive ruling class of either nation which are so violently opposed to each other, just as many Americans do not support the acts of the American military abroad. To put and end to the violence, the people must recognize and oppose the violence inherent in the system, and take steps to dismantle the state itself, replacing it with a voluntary society. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

President Obama Finally Speaks Out on Legalization

Oops, sorry, my bad. That was from 2004

What? Obama hasn't been the Prohibitionist usurper he claimed to be? I'm cool with candidate Obama, but chairman Obama sure isn't my soft of guy. 

The silence from the administration has been deafening. And other states and countries have been stepping into the void to make a case for legalization. The genie is definitely out of the bottle.

It's interesting to watch the silence on Twitter. Rafael Lemaitre, the Communications Director or the ONDCP hasn't tweeted since October 14, except to re-tweet some posts by others that had nothing to do with marijuana legalization. And the other ONDCP twitter account has joked about Director Kerlikowske secretly desiring to guest host NPR's show "Wait, Wait," and yet hasn't commented on the Washington and Colorado votes. The ONDCP blog talked about drugged driving legislation in California, and a Veteran's Day message, but nothing on the elections. Clearly, the ONDCP has been told in no uncertain terms to keep its collective mouth shut.


EPA Regulatory Conflict of Interest

A brief list of senior EPA officials who have formerly worked at environmental interest groups that often sue the EPA:

Nancy Stoner, Interim Assistant Administrator of Water
Formerly Worked for: Natural Resources Defense Council

Glenn Paulson, Chief Scientist
Formerly Worked for: Natural Resources Defense Council

Michael L. Goo, Associate Administrator for the Office of Policy
Formerly Worked for: Natural Resources Defense Council

Bob Perciasepe, Deputy Administrator
Formerly Worked for: National Audubon Society

Cynthia Giles, Assistant Administrator for Enforcement & Compliance
Formerly Worked for: The Conservation Law Foundation's Advocacy Center

Michelle J. DePass, Asst. Administrator for the Office of International and Tribal Affairs
Formerly Worked for: The New York City Environmental Justice Alliance

Mathy Stanislaus, Assistant Administrator for Solid Waste
Formerly Served on the Board of: NYC Environmental Justice Alliance

Curt Spalding – Region 1 Director
Formerly Worked for: “Save the Bay” and “Narragansett Bay Keeper”

Judith A. Enck – Region 2 Director
Formerly Worked for: New York PIRG and Environmental Advocates of New York

Susan Hedman – Region 5 Director
Formerly Worked for: Environmental Law and Policy Center and Center for Global Change

Karl Brooks – Region 7 Director
Formerly Worked for: Idaho Conservation League

James B. Martin – Region 8 Director
Formerly Worked for: Environmental Defense Fund

Jared Blumenfeld – Region 9 Director
Formerly Worked for: Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, the NRDC and International Fund for Animal Welfare

6 out of the 10 EPA regional directors came right from the radical enviro groups.

Here in Region 6, we have work to do. The EPA regional director just resigned. He’s not listed as one of the 60%, but should have been. He resigned just a couple of weeks ago over a comment he made, that he would ‘crucify’ industries which violated the EPA regulations.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Petraeus testifies that CIA blamed terrorists for Benghazi attack

Holy crap! it takes charges laid by the state on one of it's own before they'll tell the "truth." It's always about the power struggle between the US intelligence agencies, not sex. 

Ex-CIA Director David Petraeus explained Friday that references to terrorist groups suspected of carrying out the violence were removed from the public explanation so as not to alert them that U.S. intelligence was on their trail.

They're not really even saying anything about why the attack occurred. Why focus on the US intervention into another sovereign nation until a generation passes (Vietnam, Nixon, Cambodia, Pol Pot, in that order) and we can criticize the previous version of the state, not ready to question it while we live today. 

A Simple Constitutional Argument For Letting States Legalize Marijuana

marijuana smoke

Former federal prosecutor Mark Oslet wrote a CNN op-ed that presents a clear and concise argument as to why the U.S. federal government should honor state laws legalizing marijuana.

Last week Colorado and Washington became the first places in the world to remove the the prohibition on commercial production, distribution and possession of marijuana for non-medical purposes. 

Oslet, now a law professor, argues that a central principle built into the structure of the U.S. government through the Constitution "demands that individual and state rights be honored above all but the most important federal imperatives."

In the book "Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know," drug policy scholars note that the "Constitution does not allow the federal government either to order state governments to create any particular criminal law or to require state and local police to enforce federal criminal laws."

The U.S. government has long argued that the war on drugs is imperative to combating the possession and use of drugs in America.

But Oslet counters that federal and state efforts to curb marijuana use through prosecution "simply haven't worked" since the U.S. has spent $20 to $25 billion a year during the past decade and incarcerated tens of thousands of people "to punish drug possession and trafficking without ever successfully restricting the flow of marijuana or cocaine."

Therefore, Oslet concludes, the Obama administration should "employ that discretionary power in line with our oldest and best principles and step back from continuing marijuana prosecutions in Colorado and Washington."


Every President Makes you Nostalgic for his Predecessor
On January 16, 1991, a day which shall live in infamy, George Bush finally got his cherished shooting war. The United States launched an avalanche of mass murder and mass destruction upon a small, impoverished third-world country. Bush and the military finally got to uncork their high-tech devastation; and the military-industrial complex, secure in the vanishing of the short-lived "peace dividend," can stand tall once more. By personalizing the war and narrowing it to Saddam Hussein, Bush has managed to make Americans forget about the countless number of Iraqi civilians he is going to maim and murder. Or maybe there is nothing to forget: one reason why a U.S. war is always depressing to libertarians is because each new war is yet another demonstration that many Americans are only concerned about American lives and body bags, and care not a fig for the annihilation of citizens of other countries.
George Bush was, of course, able to maneuver us into a shooting war by aggressively and viciously, in barracks-room language, denying Saddam anyway out, any compromise, any avenue of negotiation. "Just get out, unconditionally...He doesn't need any face...I'm going to kick his ass." What head of State, ever, is going to submit under such terms? Every promising initiative by a third party was shot down brusquely by Bush; even the last-minute proposal by France that the U.N. simply implement its own resolutions by holding a Mideast conference (as suggested by Tariq Aziz) was shot down quickly by Bush as "linkage" and "rewarding the aggressor."
George Bush worked his evil will in the face of a sharply divided country and of an anti-war movement of unprecedented scope at this early stage of a US war. He was aided and abetted in this course by a supine Congress. The iniquity of Congress was bipartisan. What happened to the conservative Republicans, so defiant in opposition to Bush's tax increase? They folded totally in the face of the power of the president. As for the Democrats, led by George Mitchell and Tom Foley – they deliberately waited cravenly to debate until the last minute, when they could effectively be clobbered by the cry to support the president in his last hours of negotiation. And when they finally did allow a debate, they refused to use any muscle to rally the Democrats behind them. In that way, they could support the president, while keeping their voting records clear in case the war should eventually turn sour.

More from the irrepressible Murray N. Rothbard: MR. BUSH'S SHOOTING WAR

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lew Rockwell Roundup

There are a handful of good articles posted over at Lew Rockwell's site today, including a Ron Paul Farewell to Congress (finally coming out of the closet as a Voluntaryist), Lincoln's Greatest Failure (there are so many to choose from), the Petraeus Scandal (I'll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with sex), and more. Enjoy your liberty? Thank the folks contributing to Rockwell' site for fighting for it on an intellectual level, because your vote means nothing to anyone but yourself. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is Obama Asking for Too Much Revenue?

President Barack Obama will be sitting down with CEOs from some of America's top businesses today to discuss strategies for dealing with the fiscal cliff. Congress began a session on Tuesday with seven weeks on the clock before hundreds of billions of dollars in spending cuts and tax hikes scheduled at the end of the year threaten to turn a struggling economic recovery into a full-fledged recession.

InvestorWords defines recession thusly;

period of general economic decline; typically defined as a decline in GDP for two or more consecutive quarters. A recession is typically accompanied by a drop in the stock market, an increase in unemployment, and a decline in the housing market. A recession is generally considered less severe than a depression, and if a recession continues long enough it is often then classified as a depression. There is no one obvious cause of a recession, although overall blame generally falls on the federal leadership, often either the President himself, the head of the Federal Reserve, or the entire administration.

If we are not in a recession, I don't know what to call it. 

Time is of the essence in finding a solution, but politics as usual will have lawmakers on both sides of the isle lobbing grenades at each other for a few weeks before serious discussions are expected to begin.



Friday, November 9, 2012

Less than One in Five Voted for Obama

That's my tentative estimate (based on Google election result and population statistics) of the percentage of Americans who voted for nobody for President of the United States on Tuesday.

US President Barack Obama knocked down about 60.7 million votes.

GOP challenger Mitt Romney polled about 57.8 million.

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, 1.14 million.

Green candidate Jill Stein, about 400,000.

A few others, a few thousands or tens of thousands.

About 38.8% of the population supported one of the candidates; about 19.5% of the population supported the alleged "winner."

61.2% of the population did not consent to be ruled at all, and fewer than one in five Americans consented to be ruled by Barack Obama. The figures are likely similar for most or all of the 435 US Representatives and 33 US Senators "elected" on Tuesday.

If these politicians support the system of government they claim to support — one in which governments "deriv[e] their just powers from the consent of the governed" — then the only order of business they have to discuss is who will turn the lights off as they depart Washington.

Don't bet the ranch on it.

As voter turnout reduces, that consent is more apparently not given to politicians through the vote, and confidence in politicians and their government is fading. Getting the support of less than 20% of the population is a sign that the consent of the governed is being withdrawn en masse.

Vote no confidence by not voting.

WA and CO Recognize that Marijuana is not a Drug

Colorado and Washington became the first U.S. states to legalize the possession and sale of marijuana for recreational use on Tuesday in defiance of federal law, setting the stage for a possible showdown with the Obama administration.
But another ballot measure to remove criminal penalties for personal possession and cultivation of recreational cannabis was defeated in Oregon, where significantly less money and campaign organization was devoted to the cause.
Supporters of a Colorado constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana were the first to declare victory, and opponents conceded defeat, after returns showed the measure garnering nearly 53 percent of the vote versus 47 percent against.
Polls for the last couple of years have shown that marijuana has been gaining acceptance by a majority of the population, even those who do not condone the activity, but recognize that deeming something illegal where there are no victims is an abuse of government power. That doesn't even get into the idea that alcohol and tobacco are legal and regulated, but have negative health and social effects that marijuana does not.

The state has no real authority to regulate drugs, they have seized this for themselves without the consent of the population. This was not an enumerated power. In addition, a naturally occurring plant is not a drug. The number of real drugs that the government approves through the FDA that have negative health effects on users far overshadow those which are outside of it's invalid jurisdiction (any non-consensual act by an outside force is immoral and unjust).
"Colorado will no longer have laws that steer people toward using alcohol, and adults will be free to use marijuana instead if that is what they prefer. And we will be better off as a society because of it," said Mason Tvert, co-director of the Colorado pro-legalization campaign.
The economic benefits of the end of prohibition will be significant, including a decrease in the amount of wasteful cases ending up in the court system. I only hope that it becomes applied retroactively, and that anyone serving time for possession charges is able to appeal and gain the freedom they deserve.
The Drug Policy Alliance, a national advocacy group that backed the initiatives, said the outcome in Washington and Colorado reflected growing national support for liberalized pot laws, citing a Gallup poll last year that found 50 percent of Americans favored making it legal, versus 46 opposed.
I see it as only a matter of time before the Tenth Amendment is once again seen as being the way in which the Constitution was intended to limit the power of the federal government, allowing the states the final say on issues such as this. 
Supporters of Washington state's pot legalization initiative declared victory after the Seattle Times and other media projected a win for marijuana proponents.
Early returns showed pro-legalization votes led with 55 percent versus to 44 percent opposed with about 60 percent of ballots tallied in the state's all-mail-in election system.
The outcomes in Colorado and Washington, which already have laws on the books legalizing marijuana for medical purposes, put both states in further conflict with the federal government, which classifies cannabis as an illegal narcotic.
It is the federal government which is in conflict, and as more states refuse to oppress their residents, the federal government begins to lose consent and power. Small moves, Ellie.

Read on: Colorado, Washington first states to legalize recreational pot | Reuters

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Netanyahu Says Bring it on

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday granted a pre-election interview to Channel 2 in which he spoke more tough than ever on Iran, and firmly positioned himself as the "security" candidate ahead of the January 22 poll.

Asked about Israel's perceived reluctance to take military action against Iran's defiant nuclear program without American consent, Netanyahu made clear that he was prepared to act without anyone's permission.

Preemptive strikes are acts of aggression, not defense. It really is that simple. Until a person or group of people is attacked or attack is imminent, there is no justification to instead become the aggressor. 

A history of violent persecution has turned a once peaceful culture into one of violence. What a sad world. 

"When former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion declared the establishment of the State of Israel, was it with the consent of the Americans? When former Prime Minister Menachem Begin bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor, was that with the consent of the Americans?" asked Netanyahu.

Netanyahu insisted that the Jewish nation's days of pleading for its survival were over. "When we didn't have a state, when we didn't have an army, and when someone threatened to destroy us and then actually annihilated us, we went and pleaded with others. Today we don't plead, we prepare."


More Warmongering

Obama "wins"

I didn't watch any election coverage yesterday.  In fact, I hadn't really thought about it until I got online this morning and saw half of the statist socialists cheering the victory of their candidate and the other half of the statist socialists wringing their hands over the defeat of their candidate. 

As the Freedom Feens say, the desire to be a statist is a birth defect. 

It wouldn't have made one bit of difference had Romney won.  He was Obama's clone.  Just a Big Government socialistic fascist stamped out of the same die as Obama. And the Bushes.  And Clinton.  Etc.  The claims about Obama's secret religion or birthplace were distractions from the things that really mattered- and on those things Romney wasn't just shooting blanks; he was pointing his finger and saying "click".  And only those who were blinded by their hatred of Obama even noticed Romney.


Republicans Should Prepare For Obama's Ultimatum

An early winter has descended on the northeast, ushered in by a 100 year storm that has left the coastal portions of much of the mid-Atlantic and northeastern states reeling.  Our quadrennial demonstration of the degree to which the entire country is divided and politically irreconcilable was once again upon us last night. 

It's hard to put the political season into words better than those. 

Moving into last night's contest, the only things we could be sure of was that climatic change would leave us exposed to more frequent storms in the future (although half the country seems intent on disagreeing with that statement), and that our federal government would remain deeply divided and dysfunctional.

The most concise description of modern government I've heard thus far. 

President Obama's victory last night provides the country with an opportunity that was, unfortunately, squandered during the president's first term. The White House, chastened by a narrow victory and benefiting from the freedom to operate that historically characterizes second term Democratic administrations, is likely to move into next week and next year with a far more combative message than the milquetoast and entirely elusive "bi-partisanship" of the president's first term.

Moreover, the Republicans in the House of Representatives, and to a lesser extent in the Senate, will today come face to face with the reality that their message could not defeat a Democratic president suffering from a nearly 8% unemployment rate, and a massive 14.5% underemployment rate, to say nothing of a generally anemic economy and a lackluster set of policy responses to same.


More from BU

Where Did The Voters Go?

It is mindboggling. John McCain and Sarah Palin got more votes than Obama did in 2012. This is a incredible drop in voter turnout in what was to be the election of our lifetime. The numbers are in:

OBAMA -- 59,651,236 ROMNEY -- 57,028,531

2008 OBAMA -- 69,456,897 MCCAIN -- 59,934,814 

If the same number of voters showed up in 2012 as they did for McCain and Palin in 2008, Obama would have been defeated last night. This is insane!!

I'd say that many voters have become jaded and refuse to participate in electoral politics. I sure have. 

Its from stormfront, so take it with a grain of salt...

The Kill List President

If Romney Had Won

Everyone is talking about the disturbing Bloomberg Businessweek cover showing an aged and very gray President Obama with the headline "The Next Four Years."

Here's what the cover would have looked like in the event of a Romney victory. 

From Businessweek: 

mitt romney businessweek cover


Lame Duck

With the elections results nearly in, I am no more surprised that Obama won than if it had been Romney. If it becomes official, Obama will in effect become the lame duck, and lacking any motivation to be re-elected, the acts of the administration will likely deviate even further from reason than they have thus far. Some of past president's greatest atrocities have been committed in second terms.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Election

I know I can go to bed and sleep well without knowing which candidate won.

The question is, can you?

Clinton and the Art of Distraction

bill clinton bombed the al shifa sudan pharmaceutical medicine factory to cover up sex scandal with monica lewinsky
…obama and clinton deserve each other!

bill clinton | Tumblr

Obama Campaigner Punches Voter in Face

A woman in a Detroit polling location was aggressively campaigning for Obama. A female voter in line objected. The Obama supporter punched the woman in the face.  
Just the divisiveness that the electoral process promotes...
Police came to arrest her and she smacked the cop.  

Detroit Polls: Obama Campaigner Punches Voter in Face

And that's one more reason not to vote, quite a list we're building...

Americans Don't Vote for Presidents (and Shouldn't Vote)

Maryland early voting

The United States may be an iconic democracy, but every year many Americans don't bother voting at all—regardless of lower turnout caused by events like Hurricane Sandy.

The United States ranks 120th of the 169 countries for which data exists on voter turnout, falling between the Dominican Republic and Benin, according to a January 2012 study from the Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. (Not all countries ranked were democracies, a factor that could skew the results.)

About 60 percent of eligible voters will likely cast ballots Tuesday (Nov. 6), a lower percentage than in most other Western democracies, said Michael McDonald, a political scientist at George Mason University. [The Strangest Elections in US History]

Experts say the low turnout results from how often Americans conduct elections, the inconvenience of voting and the reality that each individual vote doesn't count for much.



And that reality discourages even more from voting. If a vote doesn't matter, why bother? Not to mention that voting is an act of aggression, contributing to what Bastiat referred to as "legal plunder."

"A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years." - Lysander Spooner

Panic In Obama Ranks?

In a conference call..., President Barack Obama's re-election campaign had one central message for their supporters when Election Day arrives tomorrow: They should "keep calm," even if they hear snippets of information favoring Republican Mitt Romney.

The Futility of Politics: Robert P Murphy

As this October issue will be published just before the presidential election, and especially because our interview this month with Murray Sabrin touches on the subject, I thought it appropriate to share my general thoughts on the so-called "political process." To cut to the chase: I think it can be entertaining, but that people who revere liberty should focus their energies elsewhere.

What About Ron Paul?

The first thing that many self-described Austrians and libertarians will say in response to my claim is, "What about Ron Paul? Are you saying we just wasted our time and money spreading his message of Constitutional government, which necessarily includes his stress on genuine national defense and sound money?"

No, I'm not saying that the "Ron Paul Revolution" was a waste. But thepurpose of the Ron Paul movement wasn't to put him in the White House.

For one thing, that objective was impossible in the present climate. Look, if Ron Paul is right in his diagnosis of what ails the Republic, then the Federal Reserve and what Eisenhower famously called the "military-industrial complex" literally makes hundreds of billions of dollars annually by keeping the American public in a constant state of fear: Fear about collapsing banks, fear about terrorist attackers, fear about "paranoid" militia groups, fear about superflu viruses, you name it. Many of Ron Paul's most ardent supporters—and I've talked with literally thousands of them over the years—think it's clear as day that a small ruling clique manufactured bogus "evidence" to justify the invasion of Iraq. Yet if the Ron Paul supporters thought these shadowy figures are capable of starting wars to keep the money flowing, did they really think these nefarious characters were going to let somebody waltz in and end the gravy train?

For those who followed the Ron Paul campaign this last time, it was an amazing sight to behold. His insistence that, say, the Constitution said a formal declaration of war was necessary before U.S. forces occupied another country for a decade, was treated like the ravings of some lunatic. Yet when Newt Gingrich talked of building a moon colony by 2020, this was all taken in stride—at least among the Fox News crowd—as an interesting position from the "intellectual" in the pack.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Interview with Gary Johnson

Libertarian Presidential Candidate joins Daily Paul Radio with Kurt Wallace for 'Daily Paul interview with Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson' to discuss many issues facing our country: medicare, debt, undeclared wars, civil liberties and the war on drugs.

Listen to the Interview Here!

read more

Obamney: What's the Difference?

In the final hours, we should be seriously looking at these two candidates for the presidency and ask not which would be the more responsible or productive choice, but if there are actually significant differences (especially on foreign policy) between them, or their predecessors. We continue to hope, yet nothing ever changes for the better. 

Obama and Romney debate

We're coming down to the final hours of this electoral cycle. By late Tuesday night or perhaps even Wednesday morning, we'll know whether voters will trust President Barack Obama with another term in office or if they'll elect a different direction with Mitt Romney.

National polls are showing an incredibly close race, but those polls mean little when it comes down it. And though there are are many states considered to be part of the electoral battleground, those that will determine the election — Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia — were made clear weeks ago. Early voting is considered to be a key part of success either candidate hopes to have in these states. And while it appears that Obama has a lead over Romney in early voting, Molly Ball reports that Republicans are performing better at this aspect of the election than they did four years ago.

If Romney sweeps those four states, he wins the election. But if he were to lose any one of them, Obama wins re-election. Unfortunately for Republicans, that is exactly the scenario they face headed into a election day with polls in Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia showing a slight tilt toward President Obama:

Electoral Map -- November 5, 2012



Mother of Navy SEAL: “I Believe That Obama Murdered My Son”


A father and a mother used the word "murder." A brother said he won't second-guess decisions made in the heat of battle.

The families of three Americans killed in the Sept. 11 U.S. consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya, are offering widely different reactions to recent reports that U.S. personnel issued several requests for help that were turned down.

Patricia Smith, the mother of slain State Department employee Sean Patrick Smith, is now blaming President Barack Obama for her son's death.



Saturday, November 3, 2012


"If I were to vote,
I'd vote for Ron Paul,
But since voting is for suckers,
I don't vote at all."

- Michael W. Dean

Friday, November 2, 2012

G.W. Bush, setting trends since 2001.

G.W. Bush, setting trends since 2001.

Original Page:

President or Godfather? Obama Tells Voters to “Take Revenge” on Romney

Another reason not to vote...

This just in from the campaign trail today:

ETNA, Ohio — The Romney campaign ripped President Obama after the president suggested Friday that supporters take "revenge" by voting against the Republican nominee.

During a speech in Springfield, Ohio, Obama talked about the Clinton administration and its economic plan that "asked the wealthiest Americans to pay a little bit more." Then he mentioned Mitt Romney, drawing boos from the crowd.

"No, no, no — don't boo, vote," Obama said. "Vote. Voting is the best revenge."


Lets take a moment and see how exactly defines "revenge" (emphasis ours):

re·venge   [ri-venj] verb, re·venged, re·veng·ing, noun

verb (used with object)

1. to exact punishment or expiation for a wrong on behalf of, especially in a resentful or vindictive spirit: He revenged his murdered brother.
2. to take vengeance for; inflict punishment for; avenge: He revenged his brother's murder.
verb (used without object)
3. to take revenge.


4. the act of revenging; retaliation for injuries or wrongs; vengeance.
5. something done in vengeance.
6. the desire to revenge; vindictiveness.
7. an opportunity to retaliate or gain satisfaction.

Punishment. Vindictiveness. Retaliation. Revenge. All words that should naturally lead us to think of that new civility the left is preaching about. And apparently the President also wants to associate voting with that new civility as well, at least as they define it.

Hearing a sitting President speak in words and tones on par with dialog from a Godfather movie is pretty concerning, and shows that cool exterior he has become known for is definitely melting away rapidly as he draws closer to an election day which more and more appears to be serving as a termination notice for the 44th president. It also makes one wonder about the following recent comment reportedly attributed to White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett:

"After we win this election, it's our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don't forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won't be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go."

I'll say up front that I am 70/30 against this actually having been said as detailed above, at least without having some taken out of context. But in light of Obama's most recent comments about exacting revenge on his opponent, versus beating him in a democratic process that our nation has practiced for two centuries to ensure peaceful transitions of government, well — lets just say I won't be surprised if we find out Ms. Jarrett really was talking more like a family Consigliere than a Senior Advisor. Then again, in the La Cosa Nostra that is the Obama Administration, Consigliere is probably a more accurate description of Jarrett anyways.

The post President or Godfather? Obama Tells Voters to "Take Revenge" on Romney appeared first on Say Anything.

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Anti-Communist Romney campaign in Latino markets

From Eric Dondero: Just released two days ago. It doesn't get any better than this for libertarians. This is a stridently anti-communist ad linking Obama with Communists Hugo Chavez and even Che Guevara.

As much as I appreciate opposition to a violent regime, Guevara became more of  a proponent of violence than an activist for defense and dissent. No better than Obama or Romney. Shame, that...

Who supports Barack Obama? Mariela Castro [Fidel Castro's daughter] will vote for Obama... And those in support of Obama sent out an email with a photo of Che Guevara.

It's running in mostly Hispanic markets such as South Florida.


Cancer or Cure?

Bastiat Institute

I'd argue that voluntaryism and restriction of the authority of the state is actually not experimental, but that unlimited state power is the experiment, and it's failing on economic collapse at a time.