Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Netanyahu Says Bring it on

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday granted a pre-election interview to Channel 2 in which he spoke more tough than ever on Iran, and firmly positioned himself as the "security" candidate ahead of the January 22 poll.

Asked about Israel's perceived reluctance to take military action against Iran's defiant nuclear program without American consent, Netanyahu made clear that he was prepared to act without anyone's permission.

Preemptive strikes are acts of aggression, not defense. It really is that simple. Until a person or group of people is attacked or attack is imminent, there is no justification to instead become the aggressor. 

A history of violent persecution has turned a once peaceful culture into one of violence. What a sad world. 

"When former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion declared the establishment of the State of Israel, was it with the consent of the Americans? When former Prime Minister Menachem Begin bombed the Iraqi nuclear reactor, was that with the consent of the Americans?" asked Netanyahu.

Netanyahu insisted that the Jewish nation's days of pleading for its survival were over. "When we didn't have a state, when we didn't have an army, and when someone threatened to destroy us and then actually annihilated us, we went and pleaded with others. Today we don't plead, we prepare."


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