Monday, November 5, 2012

Obamney: What's the Difference?

In the final hours, we should be seriously looking at these two candidates for the presidency and ask not which would be the more responsible or productive choice, but if there are actually significant differences (especially on foreign policy) between them, or their predecessors. We continue to hope, yet nothing ever changes for the better. 

Obama and Romney debate

We're coming down to the final hours of this electoral cycle. By late Tuesday night or perhaps even Wednesday morning, we'll know whether voters will trust President Barack Obama with another term in office or if they'll elect a different direction with Mitt Romney.

National polls are showing an incredibly close race, but those polls mean little when it comes down it. And though there are are many states considered to be part of the electoral battleground, those that will determine the election — Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia — were made clear weeks ago. Early voting is considered to be a key part of success either candidate hopes to have in these states. And while it appears that Obama has a lead over Romney in early voting, Molly Ball reports that Republicans are performing better at this aspect of the election than they did four years ago.

If Romney sweeps those four states, he wins the election. But if he were to lose any one of them, Obama wins re-election. Unfortunately for Republicans, that is exactly the scenario they face headed into a election day with polls in Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia showing a slight tilt toward President Obama:

Electoral Map -- November 5, 2012



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