Sunday, November 18, 2012

No State: Israel and Palestine

There is a sick irony in that the Israeli government has become an aggressor against another culture after the historical persecution against the Jewish people (though not all Israeli and Palestinian people are violently opposed to each other). Somehow, I don't see sympathy for Israel during this campaign of violence toward another culture:

Israel's interior minister has publicly vowed to "send Gaza back to the Middle Ages" as the aerial and naval bombardment of the besieged enclave, as well as the Palestinian rocket barrage against Israel, continued into Sunday.

There was no calm in Gaza as 'Operation Pillar of Defense,' Israel's air and sea bombardment of the densely populated enclave, entered its fifth straight day on Sunday. Israel has carried out 950 air strikes targeting Palestinian militants who have launched more than 500 rockets into Israel during the course of hostilities.

Reuters reports that the Palestinian death toll stood at 47 going into Sunday morning. Around half of those deaths were civilians, including 12 children. Gaza health officials said that 385 Palestinians have been wounded.

And end to the governments of Israel and Palestine would put and end to the violence. These acts of war are not by the people themselves, but the warmongers that have come to power. There is no explicit consent by either culture to the aggressive ruling class of either nation which are so violently opposed to each other, just as many Americans do not support the acts of the American military abroad. To put and end to the violence, the people must recognize and oppose the violence inherent in the system, and take steps to dismantle the state itself, replacing it with a voluntary society. 

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