Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This is Why You Want a "Do Nothing Congress"

Punk Rock Libertarians nail it with this realistic perspective on the nature of the state, that whatever the stated goal may be, the opposite tends to be the result. Rockwell's Law in action:

"So as per usual a bill has been passed that accomplishes the polar opposite of what one would expect by name.  The USA Freedom Act means less freedom as the Patriot Act would never be condoned by a true patriot, as the Affordable Care Act makes healthcare everything but affordable.  This my friends is why you want a “do nothing Congress.”"


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why Wall Street Loves Hillary

"An odd thing happened last month when, stumping just before the midterms, Hillary Clinton came in close proximity to the woman who has sometimes been described as the conscience of the Democratic Party."

It would be interesting if Clinton became president. We've seen a man elected president primarily because of his race, would it be far-fetched to think that a woman could be elected simply on the basis of gender. Politics have become so dumbed down, along with the voters, that these sort of factors become more important than policy and candidate history. Obama had little to no political history, and Clinton leave corruption and scandal in her wake. Stranger things have happened.