Thursday, January 26, 2012

Full of Bologna? Gingrich Camp Says Claims About Offering ‘Friends’ as Witnesses to ABC Were False

Someone needs to Newter Mr. Gingrich and keep him from propagating. I'm only shocked that such a philanderer is capable of garnering support from a segment of the population often linked to family values. 

Gingrich Campaign Admits ABC Allegations Told to John King Were Untrue

It's the presidential debate question that America just can't stop talking about. Regardless of where one stands on the appropriateness of CNN's John King asking GOP candidate Newt Gingrich about his ex-wife's "open marriage" claims at last week's Southern debate, a new admission from the Gingrich campaign is noteworthy.

Now, following the candidate's insistance that ABC ignored individuals the campaign offered up to counter his ex's story, the campaign is conceding that Gingrich's claims — both in the original debate and during a follow-up interview — were, well, bologna.

On Tuesday, Gingrich and King faced off on CNN to discuss their uncomfortable debate exchange. As we reported, Gingrich, again, insisted that his campaign had offered up character witnesses who were willing to refute his ex-wife's story, but that ABC News (the network that aired the bombshell interview with Marianne Gingrich) refused to interview them. When King said that ABC claims they would have talked to these people, but that the campaign never brought them forward, Gingrich claimed this simply wasn't true. "Oh, that is just plain bologna!," he responded.


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