Monday, January 9, 2012

Huntsman: Romney Firing Comment Renders Him ‘Completely Unelectable’

The Jon Huntsman campaign escalated its attacks on front-runner Mitt Romney the night before the New Hampshire primary, with Huntsman himself telling CNBC host Larry Kudlow that Romney is making himself "completely unelectable." Romney is taking flak from all GOP opponents, in addition to Democrats, for his comments this morning that he "liked being able to fire people." Huntsman said earlier that he prefers to hire people, rather than fire them, and his adviser had harsh words this afternoon for Romney when ThinkProgress interviewed him, but Huntsman's statements on Kudlow represent the strongest attack from the candidate himself yet:

HUNTSMAN: First of all, you've got to get elected to office for heaven's sake, and making statements like that you render yourself completely unelectable. Whether you're referring to economic policy, it really becomes more of a political issue, when you've got the Chicago political machine and $1 billion bearing down on you. You make a statement like, you talk about pink slips, and pretty soon you're going to lose the high ground.

Watch it:

I'd like to fire almost all of our elected representatives and leave the positions vacant permanently, especially the statist GOP candidates this year. 

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