Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Hampshire Polls Show Mitt Romney Holding Wide Lead

The latest poll in New Hampshire shows little bounce for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and a modest increase for former Sen. Rick Santorum, but Romney continues to hold a huge lead over the field, with Texas Rep. Ron Paul running second and Santorum still a distant third. The coming glut of polling over the next few days will likely show further shifts, but both history and Romney's strong base of support suggest that dramatic changes are unlikely.

The new survey, conducted by Suffolk University and Boston's WHDH 7News, finds Romney winning 41 percent of the vote followed by Ron Paul (18 percent), Rick Santorum (8 percent), Newt Gingrich (7 percent) and Jon Huntsman (7 percent).

These results are part of Suffolk's ongoing, daily tracking poll, with the latest numbers based on 500 phone interviews conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday night of this week. Vote returns from the Iowa caucuses were broadcast Tuesday night, showing Romney and Santorum in a near tie, though Romney's 8-vote edge was not reported until the wee hours on Wednesday morning.


I read more polls with such wildly varying numbers, then realizing none of it makes much difference, with the caucus and preliminary polls being the first stage of the political theater designed to deceive and manipulate public opinion. 

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