Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DNC Delegate Threatens To Kill Mitt Romney

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan confirmed to ABC that the agency is aware of the video and is taking "appropriate follow-up measures."  As part of that process, Secret Service personnel will try to determine Rodriquez’s intentions, as they did when they met with Ted Nugent earlier this year.
Someone has bought into the political garbage and believes one is a savior, one is a demon. Like most that get polarized by politics and the media, they fail to grasp that the political system is the great evil which must be overcome, not an empty suit from one party or the other...
Rodriguez, who said on the video that she is from the Bronx, is listed as a delegate on the official Democratic website.  She was also photographed by the Associated Press holding a Puerto Rican flag in a photo booth at the convention in Charlotte.

INSTANT CLASSIC: Watch A Not Very Bright DNC Delegate Threaten To Kill Mitt Romney - Home - The Daily Bail

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