Thursday, August 23, 2012

Obama's Recovery That Wasn't

"Today, everybody agrees that the recession is over and the question is what the pace of the expansion is going to be," said National Economic Council head Larry Summers...on December 13, 2009!
Almost every month since President Obama took office, a different member of his administration has offered a wildly optimistic prediction about the upwards direction of the economy.
"The Recovery That Wasn't," the cover story of Reason's brand-new October issue, juxtaposes those phony proclamations with the actual economic data to make a comical (and sad) commentary on the state of the job market during the Obama years.
Obama's Recovery That Wasn't; Plus: How to Really Cut Defense Spending! -

Want a real recovery? The government needs to get out of the business of managing the economy through fascistic methods.

If you're serious about cutting government, Democrats have to cut entitlements and Republicans have to cut defense. - Rand Paul

Not something you're likely to hear very many places these days...

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