Thursday, August 9, 2012

Obama digs for dirt on VP picks

Barack Obama campaign

US President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies aren't waiting for Republican Mitt Romney to reveal his vice presidential choice.

They're already trying to scuff up those considered by political insiders to be most likely to join the GOP ticket.

The president's campaign started swinging at the potential Republican running mates this week while urging home-state Democrats to chime in about the shortcomings that - as emails to donors and supporters put it - "Americans need to know."

The pre-emptive strikes are an effort to define a possible No. 2 in a negative light and reflect a sense that time is precious to sway opinion in a stubbornly close presidential race dashing quickly toward November.

I think that this may backfire on the Left, helping to weed out poor potential candidates and promoting the most publicly palatable VP candidate. The harder they push, the more the people push back. 


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