Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stimulus and Failure to Recognize Failure

Common refrains from people who say it didn't work:

  • But Obama promised that unemployment would be less than 8%. Horseshit on a stick. First, he didn't "promise" a damn thing, if everything an incoming president says is turned into a "promise", well then there has been a whole lot of promise breaking going on in our history. Second, the cautious prediction made during the transition was based on the numbers that the outgoing Bush administration was feeding the Obama team. They were flat out wrong and completely underestimated what was going on in our economy. Hey media, that's called context. Buy some at the local C-store.
The state media seem fine with the transition to a new dictator. 
  • But soooo many people are still out of work. Yes, and that totally sucks. But that does not mean that the over 3 million people who did get jobs are insignificant or don't matter. They do. If the measure for whether the stimulus worked is full employment, then those people will be waiting till the end of time — we've never had anything close to full employment. And you can damn well bet that those people still looking for work are encouraged by the fact that others are starting to find jobs, which of course increases the number of people looking and drives up the unemployment rate.
Those with jobs are simply lucky at this point. The real unelployment numbers are jorth of where they were during the Great Depression, but Obama's state media wont report that. Obama has been constantly promoting himself as the savior for the economy, yet has done little himself. He is no more than a figurehead, just as we're his predecessors. 
The stock market is failing, miserably. It's amazing how good the bottom line looks when businesses cut jobs to raise profits. 
  • But Fox News says we are still in a recession, the numbers are being cooked. The only thing cooking at Fox New is the meth that the anchors must be smoking during commercial breaks.
It's funny how Fox News is the object of ridicule, yet the other lamestream media outlets are cut from the same cloth, incapable of journalistic integrity, government criticism, or honest reporting. 
  • But, but, but….let's just all say it together, the stimulus worked. And yes, we have more to do, but don't let the Republicans and the compliant media make you think that cutting taxes for the rich would have been much better, that is a big part of what got us into this freakin mess.

Things will get worse before they get worse. Bush's stimulus didn't work, neither did Obama's. What they have done is to inflate and devalue the currency in circulation through the Federal Reserve. Want to know what's wrong? Follow the money. 

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