Monday, February 20, 2012

Religious Leaders | Contraception Mandate | Letter to Obama

More than 2,500 evangelical and ministry leaders from a range of denominations have signed a letter to President Obama voicing their opposition to the administration's new mandate requiring that all health insurance plans contain contraceptive coverage.

The socially conservative Family Research Council unveiled the letter Monday afternoon.

FRC President Tony Perkins explained to The Daily Caller that the contraception mandate is not a Catholic issue or a contraception issue, but rather an issue of religious freedom.

I still remember Rick Perry pushing Gardasil on Texans through mandate rather than by the approval of the people. I hope this works out just as well for Obama. 

"[The undersigned] see this, are very alarmed by this and are asking for the president to rescind this attack on religious freedom," Perkins said in an interview with The Daily Caller.

The letter lays out the leaders' opposition to the administration's contraception mandate, writing that it violates the consciences of those whose religion prohibits certain methods of birth control.

Our elected leaders are showing their true colors much faster these days, abandoning campaign promises, reason, and even the constitution. 

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