Friday, February 3, 2012

Left and Right are both Wrong

Our system of governance and economics is set up for the benefit of the those in power, not for the populace they falsely purport to represent, but also borrows from methods piloted by the Romans; divide et impera, or divide and rule. By pitting those leaning to one side or the other against each other, the government, financial, and business leaders are free to do as they wish, for the populace is too busy arguing amongst itself over minor details to direct enough attention to resolve those issues of excessive government that allow a small minority to pervert and capitalize on the efforts of the many.

As long as we focus more on restricting the rights of those with differing views from our own through legislation than on strengthening the collective liberties of all, we are doomed to suffer together and indifferent under that mechanism of governance which denies those individual liberties it was intended to promote.

Left and Right are both wrong.

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