Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oklahoma Lawmaker Drafting Bill To Jail Enforcers of Obamacare?

Ah, the Tenth Amendment, the one that reminds us that we live in a nation which is built of people, not politicians, and that everything distills down to individuals. States are above nationalism, and individuals above all else. Obama declaring his mandates as the word of gods is a mite trite. And even proposing legislation such as this is a gentle reminder to despots that the power in society is in the hands of the collective individuals, and that the breakdown in liberty only stretches so far before patience snaps. 

By The Watchdog | July 18, 2012 President Obama will not like this. He thinks his word alone is law. He thinks the American people must submit to his achievement called Obamacare. Despite the mass protest and phone calls flooding capital hill saying to our elected congressmen saying "do not pass this bill into law". [...]

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