Friday, July 20, 2012

Mitt Romney's Lame, Uninspiring Campaign

Mitt Romney must be trying to bore the American people into electing him this November. There is no real bold, inspiring vision behind his campaign other than "Obama sucks". Nor should we really expect anything bold from a man who has been on both sides of most political issues. Romney's campaign also shows an unwillingness to buck the conventional Beltway wisdom and propose any bold solutions to our nation's problems. Mitt Romney is running a "safe" campaign, but I fear he maybe running too safe of a campaign to defeat Barack Obama in November.

More evidence of how safe (ie. dull) of a campaign that Mitt Romney is running is who has already been excluded from speaking at the GOP convention in Tampa next month:

Texas congressman Ron Paul isn't the only prominent Republican to be denied a speaking role at the upcoming Republican National Convention in Tampa. Here's another high-profile snub from the Mitt Romney camp… Nope, the woman who was the HIT of the 2008 Republican National Convention — not to mention the party's VP nominee — Sarah Palin, has not yet received an invitation to speak at the 2012 shindig. Must be stuck in, ahem, e-mail. But, as Palin told The Daily Beast, she wasn't surprised. And not because she hasn't endorsed her party's nominee, Mitt Romney, other than to tout him someone who isn't President Obama and has a pulse.

I understand that Ron Paul is not the most disciplined or the most articulate speaker possible and I understand that Sarah Palin is a very controversial figure. However, both people speak to a constituency of independent conservatives and libertarian-leaners that Romney must not only win, but have rally around him and he must motivate to do the campaign volunteer grunt work such as canvassing and phone banking that will be needed to try and match Obama's excellent grassroots efforts.

With the overwhelming support for Paul even as an independent without the GOP nomination (and despite massive manipulation of polls and debates), it's surprising that Romney wishes to exclude that base which is more against Obama that for any alternative. 

To snub both speakers is Romney's way of taking grassroots conservatives and libertarians for granted and telling them that he's not really interested in their votes and their sweat and shoe leather. I really hope the Romney campaign reconsiders this decision or invites other speakers like Rand Paul or Mike Lee that can also speak to this constituency.


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