Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ron Paul reveals benefits of brokered convention

Following Mitt Romney's victory in Illinois, the media buzz on Ron Paul has focused on speculation about him dropping out of the race. According to many sources, his delegate strategy has failed and his fundraising is drying up.

However, Ron Paul seemed as upbeat as ever last night during his appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He noted that the delegate counts for many states are still unknown and that a brokered convention becomes more likely every day.

Several media outlets report that Paul has only secured one tenth of the delegates that Romney has secured. This presumably rests upon the assumption that the percentage of delegates each will eventually secure will mirror his percentage of the popular vote.

However, Paul's campaign maintains that they expect to control a majority of the delegates in Iowa, Maine, and possibly several other states

Why the disconnect? Is this evidence of the media treating Paul's campaign unfairly?

Say it ain't so! I don't expect that state media will give in to fair and balanced coverage of anything before it collapses and independent media will take over and thrive without heavy corporate influence. 

Probably not. It is much more likely that most do not fully understand the caucus process. Rachel Maddow admits that she doesn't and suggested that even the Republican Party doesn't know the delegate count for any candidate at this point. She's right.

Abandoning the caucus process (along with the electoral college) would give true democratic representation through a popular vote. 



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