Thursday, March 22, 2012

Election fraud in Illinois? ABC posts GOP primary results before vote

Is the fix in in Illinois? Outrage builds as videos and screen grabs circulate online showing results for the Illinois Republican primary hours before voters went to the polls.

Results for the primary election briefly appeared on the ABC 7 Chicago website Monday, March 19, the day before the primary was to take place.

According to screen captures and videos circulating around the internet, the results show Rick Santorum narrowly defeating Mitt Romney, with Newt Gingrich placing third, and Ron Paul a distant fourth.
ABC 7 Chicago denies any election fraud or conspiracy. The network claims the curious screen captures were only a test. Responding to numerous queries, ABC 7 Chicago tweeted the following on Tuesday afternoon:
It was a test. The website results that appeared before polls opened were test results. Actual results will appear after the polls close.
Sure, it was a test, just a little accident. Nothing to see, move along, move along...
While ABC may be being honest, their mistake is nevertheless inexcusable. The appearance of impropriety is often just as bad as actual impropriety. Posting the primary “test results” to their website was negligent and irresponsible.


Election fraud in Illinois? ABC posts GOP primary results before vote - National Democrat |

"How the hell does SGTreport have election results for a Republican primary in Illinois which has yet to take place? We have long argued that the fix is in but this... um... leaves us speechless.

Posted tonight -- MONDAY, March 19th -- on the web site of Chicago ABC News Affiliate WLS-TV are the following election results, clearly labeled as "Illinois Races, Federal Offices". If we have this wrong, please let us know why this information exists in ANY form. Or, if we are indeed living in a banana republic, copy that. You now have our blessing to move out of the country.

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