Sunday, September 29, 2013

Army Veteran Takes A Stand Against Obama

"The primary charge being that the national leadership of Veterans For Peace for the past 2+ years since the organization passed at its 2011 national convention a resolution directing Congress to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against President Obama for war crimes has refused to send an official letter to Congress directing them to do so. The national leadership of Veterans For Peace in that time also has done nothing to alert the public to the 2011 impeachment resolution passed by its rank and file membership at the national level at its national convention in 2011, or of the rank and file of Veterans For Peace reaffirming its call for impeaching Obama at its 2012 national convention by defeating by an even wider margin a 2012 resolution introduced to rescind the 2011 impeachment resolution."

Why after so long has no action been taken toward supporting impeachment proceedings?

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