Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ron Paul Marginalized Before and After Win, Big Surprise...

Ron Paul wants to end the Federal Reserve and end wars. The last president to try that dropped the top in Dallas. His policies are consistent. His values show through his voting record. His minimalist view of the scope and authority is a step in the right direction, while Obamney are seeking increased socialist efforts from the Right and Left. A pig by any other name...

Those points should be enough to champion him, but the game is rigged and the lamestream state media is in bed with the regime (look up the media coverage of the sinking of the Lusitania, and the willful sacrifice of those passengers by the US as an excuse to join the war). We are down to about six corporations that control most news, so even a win is severely marginalized and written off, if it is covered at all. 

What? Our only options worth voting for are Obamney? Even moderate voters are looking to Ron Paul for lack of differentiation between those poor excuses for political candidates. How many reports of back room deals or special interest influence has Paul been involved in? None I can find. Obama, Romney, Bush, Clinton, etc.; all enriched and pandering to lobbyists and special interests. 

His consistent voting record for over thirty years (almost as long as I've been alive!) should be the other leg on which voters find support. Paul is a true statesman while the others are simply career politicians with no respect for those they claim to represent, while selling us and our descendants down the river through inflation (theft) of the currency.

Left and Right are both Wrong. 

Ron Paul 2012

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