Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On the False Two-party System in America, and Obamney

Found it on Libertarian Reddit. 
We're finally breaking through on Reddit!

Thunderbird wants to auto-correct Obamney to Baloney. Actually, I think that may be correct.

Too bad we can't undo more anything significant...

If you think there is no difference between Romney and Obama, then by all means let Obama pick your next three Supreme Court justices and dozens of federal judges.
See if that matters to the next quarter-century of your life.

The Supreme Court might be a little more relevant if these bankster-owned Republicrats weren't constantly violating the Constitution with impunity on a daily basis. The only law that is in force in America today is the law of the jungle. Operation Fast and Furious proves that.
Like Obama, Romney is a total neocon and all neocons are warmongers who want to use the US military to achieve the goals of the transnational criminals who have hijacked America.

A warmongering Demopublican president? How can it be that Obama is worse than W Bush? How can anyone still believe in the two-party system as a way to balance power in the government. They are like the hydra; two heads of the same monster.

Go to a list of supreme court judges for the last 50 or 60 years.
Try to guess the affiliation of who nominated whom.
You'll be horrified.
Then look at the recent ones that were nominated by a Demoblican President, but were blindly passed by a Republicrat Congress.
They really do play for the same team, sir.

The left-right paradigms is dead, but we won't stop poking it's corpse. We have a totalitarian regime which is trying to do everything to take away our NATURAL rights. The state exists only through people, it is intangible and mythical in all other regards, no more than a collection of words on paper.

Without which, people are simply enacting aggression against other people without provocation or justification. We need to maintain the principles of non-aggression and personal property on high to regain and maintain individual liberty over collective authority and minority will.

Left and Right are both wrong

And why vote for a lesser evil?

If we're going to eternity without the salvation part, let's go all out!

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